Wednesday, 31 December 2014

LEATHER HANDBAGS – All you need to know about them

The love for leather is centuries old. Both women as well as men have a thing for leather and the items made from leather. This is the very reason because of which, even after so much opposition of the leather industry, it is still running successfully and the demand of leather items has increased exponentially in a few years. Leather handbags are one of the most famous items. There is no doubt that the demand and popularity of leather handbags is increasing day by day, but which handbag should you buy? It is a very common question. Greg Michaels is a leading leather handbag manufacturer. If you are in search of quality leather handbag, then this is the brand you should go for.


Why you should buy a leather handbag?

If you think that leather handbags are nothing more than a fashion statement, then you are wrong, it is more than that and in today’s society it is considered as a status symbol. There is no doubt that leather handbags can make anyone look good. Leather designer handbags elegantly enhance the appearance of a female carrying it. It goes with any type of outfit, which means you won’t have to worry about that for formal or casual outfit you will have to purchase anotherhandbag. This is the only accessory which matches with anything so easily.

Robust, elegant and durable

Though they are very attractive and define the status of the person carrying it, but they are also very expensive. There is no doubt that, if you have a tight budget, then you would first think whether a leather bag worth of all that money which is written on the price tag. If you have the same question in your mind, then know this that a leather handbag is worth that price as it is durable. Robust and elegant. If taken proper care then it will last for years. It is a well-known fact that leather’s beauty increases with the passing time and you can observe it yourself.

There are numerous brands in the market, which manufactures and sells leather handbags. For anyone new, all this can be confusing. If you are in search of a leather bag of premium quality but in affordable range, then you should go with Greg Michaels. Though they are new in this field, but they have climbed up the chart rapidly. The reason for their success is the quality of their product. They use 100% pure leather and the other accessories which are added in the handbags such as key chains, pockets and others are also of premium quality.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

AB InBev UK Brewery Staff Clean the Shoreline

The foreshore at Magor Pill and Caldicot was given a thorough clean-up by staff at the Magor Brewery in June 2014 to celebrate World Environment Day.

20 of the brewery’s staff were in attendance and were accompanied by the MP for Newport East, Jessica Morden.

Chris Partridge, the special projects manager at Keep Wales Tidy praised the work of the brewery staff and spoke of how well the day went.

Tony Monteiro, the manager of the brewery, which is owned by AB InBev, also spoke of his delight at the results of the day and also stated that AB InBev has a strong commitment to protecting the environment in its local vicinity.

Monday, 22 December 2014

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Monday, 8 December 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring [Infographic]

Planning to buy the best engagement rings needs proper attention. Husbands and lovers should learn about her style. Every woman has a special concept about engagement rings. The Voltaire Diamonds present the best solutions to the buyers who need eternity rings and wedding rings for the girlfriends and soul mates.

Thanks to Voltaire Diamonds for this infographic

Monday, 1 December 2014

Controlling DUI Fatalities in Monterey California

Monterey is one of the more beautiful cities in California. However, the city does have a problem with drunk drivers. In 2012 alone, there were more than 10,000 DUI fatalities in the state of California. A few of the recent accidents have resulted national headlines and horrified comments from people all over America. One of the more recent accidents happened on October 30th, 2014 when a local construction worker was crushed by a DUI driver.

Construction Worker Killed on the Spot

51-year-old Jesus Fernandez was conducting traffic on the Monterey-Salinas Highway construction zone located east of the Corral de Tierra Road. As the project was going on late into the night, Fernandez was directing traffic around the construction area to prevent problems. Officials say that a 1999 Mercedez-Benz driven by Adam Zubiate rammed into Fernandez and crushed him.

Nice Car, Stupid Driver

The Benz was being driven at very high speed and Zubiate appeared unable to control the speeding car. After the accident, Zubiate tried to flee the scene. In fact, he continued to drive for about half a mile before he came to a stop. Police personnel say that Zubiate would have decamped but witnesses on the spot prevented him from leaving and stayed on site until the authorities arrived. Local police personnel arrested Zubiate immediately on suspicion of DUI and booked him into Monterey County Jail. Although test results are pending, on-site police officials believed Zubiate to be intoxicated and high on a stimulant like methamphetamine or cocaine.

Strike-and-Drive Accidents Common?

Although this incident is horrifying, it is not the only one that happened state local accident attorney Monterey California firms. On March 3rd 2014, a Temple City driver smashed his Ferrari into a Hyundai Sedan. The Temple City driver died on the spot and his passenger was critically injured. The Hyundai driver also suffered major injuries and is in critical condition.

The most surprising thing about the accident was that both cars appeared to be moving at high speeds at the time of the accident. Although details are not known, it is suspected that both drivers were intoxicated leading to the accident in the early hours of morning. The Ferrari, in particular, was brand new and had not yet been fitted with its official license plates.

Measures Being Taken to Safeguard Citizens

These may be just two accidents but they have caused local citizens to sit up and ask for action. The resulting hue-and-cry has resulted in Monterey County District Attorney’s Office taking active steps to prevent drunken driving. They’ve increased local patrolling, increased fines, and they also penalize repeat offenders with the harshest penalties possible.

However, this does require considerable financial support and manpower. Thankfully, the California Office of Traffic Safety has encouraged these local measures and they have sanctioned a grant of $404,925. The bulk of these funds will be used to strengthen the DUI prosecution team. The team will work cases from arrest to sentencing and ensure that repeat offenders are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Check The Latest And High Quality Fridges Here

FRIDGERUS is one of the best websites which gives you the complete information about the latest fridges and refrigerators. You can compare different high quality refrigerators on this website. The website contains all the information properly classified which makes it easy for you to search about the desired product. The website also contains reviews about different fridges. A product has been discussed below from the website which will increase your knowledge about the website.


A2FE635CRJ cooler is one of its sorts. It contains two in one similarity, implies it can be utilized as an issue and a cooler at the same time. It is separated into three areas, each one utilized for a distinctive reason. A2FE635CR icebox is loaded with capacities, some of them are:


No Frost

The No Frost building ensures that the cooler portion remains ice free and gives better cool air flow all through the fridge. This peculiarity discharges your pressure. With this you can now unwind leaving the whole errand to be carried out by the cooler itself.

A+ Energy Rating

Imperativeness class A+ uses up to 25% less essentials differentiated and An imperativeness assessed cooler. This spares you vitality and makes it natural amicable. It is additionally considered as the green-tech icebox.

External LCD Control Panel

The external LCD control board grants you to effectively coordinate the temperature of every compartment. This will spare your time furthermore exceptionally agreeable.

Treated Glass

The treated glass racks are exceptionally planned to help significant things. They are extensive as well as they can hold up to 6 glasses and sureties their security.

Event Mode

When you take some time off, basically launches this limit that turns off the cooler territory of your refrigerator and keeps the cooler running. Without further ado you can extra money when you're a long way from home. It is one of the interesting peculiarities it contains.

Super Freeze

Sagacious works that can be used straightforwardly after you finished looking for sustenance to keep your set sustenance set and quickly harden perishable sustenance you'd like to store for any more.

Super Cooling

It has a canny limit that can be used to cool a considerable measure of support in it. Keep your as of late acquired sustenance at the right temperature right from the start. It astutely modifies the temperature to keep up the freshness of the sustenance.

Headed Light

Headed lighting uses less essential than conventional lighting, is brighter and perseveres longer. It likewise includes the excellence the refrigerator.

Reversible Doors

Need something that can swing both ways? Transparently pick the way the gateways open: from left to right or the other route around! Shortly your cooler can fit essentially wherever.

Open Door Alarm

The fridge alerts you in case you've left the entrance open in view of a worthwhile alert. Keep your cool air in and essential waste out. It is an unquestionable requirement have characteristic.

Friday, 14 November 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case of Disputed Guatemalan Adoption

In 2012, Encarnacion Bail Romero lost custody of her five-year old child. Romero had been arrested and detained for working illegally in the country.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the case garnered international attention, making many question America’s immigration policies, and drawing outrage from a Guatemalan diplomat.

David Jones, the judge who ruled on the case, found that Romero had abandoned her child, therefore terminating her parental rights, making it legal for Seth and Melinda Moser of Carthage, Missouri, to adopt the child formally. The couple have been raising the boy since his infancy.

Romero was allowed to remain in the country to await the outcome of the custody battle.

Immigration rights groups were disturbed by the outcome of the case, citing gaps in the child welfare system and the immigration detention process. These two processes made it impossible for Romero to have a say in who would have custody of her child while she was being detained for her violation of immigration law. Furthermore, Romero claimed that her inability to speak English limited her ability to have a say in the custody of her child. She explains that she did not fully understand her rights, nor did she understand the import of the legal proceedings taking place.

To make matters more complicated, Romero served time in jail for a law that was later deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Guatemalan ambassador, Francisco Villagran de Leon admonished the U.S. for the proceedings, stating that no child should be taken away and given up for adoption just because the parents were present in the country illegally.

Romero had been arrested in 2007, when the government raided a poultry plant where she had been working. While Romeo was detained, her child, an infant, was passed among family members before finally being adopted by the Mosers. In appellate court, the adoption was overturned. Yet, during the Missouri Supreme Court hearing, the Mosers argued that removing the child from the only home he had known for the past five years would not be in his best interests.

Missouri child custody law is designed to protect the best interests of the child in all cases. Judges will consider several factors in determining what is in the child’s best interests. The age of the children, the parent’s wishes, the relationship of the child to the parents, the ability and willingness of the parent to support the child, how much care the parent has provided the child up to this point in the child’s life, the ability of the parent to provide a stable and loving home, are all factors the court will consider when determining child custody. On some of these counts, it seems easy for the court to rule in favor of the Mosers, who had cared for the boy from an early age.

The Mosers argued that it would be traumatic for the child to be removed from the only home he had known in order to be deported to a foreign country. Furthermore, the boy only knew English.

The Missouri Supreme Court determined that while Romero’s parental rights were unfairly infringed, the court had to rule in favor of the best interests of the child.

The Woman’s Refugee Commission wrote an Op-Ed in 2012 stating that this case is a sober reminder about the threats U.S. immigration law has to child custody and families. Current immigration law does not allow parents to make arrangements for what happens to their children should they be arrested for being present illegally in the country. Furthermore, gaps in immigration law and in the child welfare systems do not protect immigrant parents’ rights. To make matters worse, immigration judges do not have any legal recourse to consider the humanitarian effects that deportation will have on the children left behind. Other countries, among them Canada, take into consideration the best interests of the child and consider humanitarian issues regarding the children, when deportation proceedings are in order.

Romero took the case to the Supreme Court. Yet, the court refused to hear the case, finalizing the Moser’s adoption, meaning that Romero now has no further recourse to regain the custody of her son.