Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lucid dreaming – what is it exactly all about?

The first very obvious question that must be clicking your brain whenever you hear the word “lucid dream”, is what is lucid dreaming?

Basic facts about lucid dreaming

Here is a very simple answer to your question, it is nothing but a dream in which you somehow know that you are in a dream. This may not sound that digestible for everyone, but this has been referred by some of the great philosophers of time like the great Greek philosopher Aristotle. Its our super smart brain that keeps our consciousness alive while we are sleeping and tells us that the series of events that we feel like living is nothing but a dream. It was the Dutch psychiatrist Frederik Van Eeden who coined this term ‘lucid dreaming”. One very unfortunate fact with this lucid dreams is that there is no way out there to prove lucid dreaming but just to ask the dreamer.

Now let’s discuss how to have this lucid dream

It has been found from research that the lucid dreaming is the part of the dream occurring when the person is in middle of his regular dream. There are certain steps identified which will help one to go for this lucid dreaming. The first of all is go generate a habit of asking one self, that “is this a dream?” once you have practised it enough during the day, you will be surely questioning yourself in your dream as well. Next you got to keep a dream journal to identify the common and usual elements of your dream. So next time when these elements recur in your dream, you could know that you are dreaming.

The most important factor for lucid dream

The third and the most important part of lucid dreaming is identifying the time you can have them. These are something related to personal sleeping habits but the researches have shown that the best chances of having lucid dreams is in those naps that people go for after several hours of waking up. It has also been noted that the lucid dreams are closely associated with the REM sleep, so they are mostly to occur just before you wake up. There are certain techniques like the WILD, WBTB, etc. to induce lucid dreams.

It is recommended that you get into the habit of reality check. You should be having three reality checks on events that are strongly associated with emotions, frustrations and nonsensical habit. The reality checks will help you have you a stabilized dream.


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