Friday, 31 January 2014

The Way To Give Exercise Sessions To Lazy And Indoor Cats

If you have forgotten how your cat used to pounce on toys and balls of yarn when it was a kitten, here is a way to bring all those memories back to life. Even your fat and lazy cat will seem like a kitten when it goes into predator mode. You will love it when it lies in wait for the prey and ferociously strikes it. The interactive cat toys will get your cat addicted, and if it does not we have a 30 day money back guarantee, just send it back if you or your kitty don’t like it within 30 days of the receipt. This will give your cat valuable exercise strengthening its joints, bones and muscles making it healthy and lengthening its life.

What is the toy made up of?

The da bird cat toy with an extension basically looks like a fishing rod with the prey hanging for the cat where the fishhook would be. The main rod is made up of ultra-premium fiberglass and is comprised of two parts that join together in a tight fit once a little pressure is applied to it. The string is very strong so that your cat can pounce on the prey as much as it likes without any potential hindrance in the playtime from the breaking of the string. The flyer is made up of four actual bird feathers, two of those of turkey and two of those guinea fowl, which make the sound like an actual bird swishing through the air when you are playing with your cat.

Why prefer this over the other toys out there?

The toy is made up of ultra-premium fiberglass that does not bend or bow and most importantly it does not splinter like the other toys in the market. The string is strong and the flyer is made up strong and robust as well, it can easily survive your cat’s ferocious playtimes. The entire toy is environment friendly and non-toxic, not like the dyed fake feathers other toys have that are hazardous. You can also get da bird replacement feather to keep your cat’s toy looking new always. A black canvas bag for the storage of the toy is included, for when it seems to you that the cat’s had enough fun.

Where to get it?

The toy is available exclusively on amazon. We promise that your cat will take a liking to it, to learn more about how this product works you can see this video:



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