Thursday, 20 February 2014

Knowing Your E-Liquid Cigarette Flavours

Moving on from the traditional cigarettes you should be now trying the e-cigarettes. These latest and the trendy cigarettes get their rich flavour and taste from the e-liquid tobacco. The familiar aroma and flavour of fresh picked and perfectly dried tobacco is brought in the e-liquid for the smokers. The e-liquid tobacco flavors gives a very comparable taste to that of a picked pipe of tobacco or any hand rolled cigarette, satisfying your taste buds.

You should be replacing your expensive smoky cigarette with a bottle of e-liquid tobacco flavour and electronic cigarette. Believe it, you won’t be sacrificing any of your taste because the e-liquid tobacco flavour gives such a natural and fresh taste. Before you go for the e-liquid flavours, here is something to help you learn more about the e-liquid tobacco flavours. The flavour varied because of the different composition of PG and VG.

The propylene glycol e-liquid

Known as the PG, it is a viscous liquid with no colour and taste at room temperature. It transforms into vapour through brisk shaking or heating. In the e-cigs there is atomisation so that the liquid tobacco could be vaporised at much lower temperature.

Vegetable glycerine e-liquid

This is a comparatively thicker solution used in the e-cigs. The major factor that attracts the smokers towards the VG is its sweet taste which gives the paper used by the smoker a softer and aromatic touch. The other major advantage that you get with the vegetable glycerine is that it doesn’t leave your mouth dry and VG produces much more vapour than the PG.

When you go for e-cigs it’s recommended that you do not use cheap flavour liquids. With the cheaper flavour liquids you could be losing your interest in e-cigs. The American manufactured e-liquid tobacco flavours are generally of higher quality and have a rich flavour, but they come a bit expensive than any regular e-juice.

When you have a look at the flavours of the e-juices then you will find that there are as many as 54 regular flavours other than form the custom blending. There are 3 menthol, 21 fruits, 6 rich tobacco, 15 dessert, 9 additional random flavours and you could also be finding the bourbon flavours as well as energy drinks, peppermints, and bakers.

Now you could be choosing your best flavour and enjoy smoking e-cigs. These e-liquid flavours will give you a complete new smoking experience.


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