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Set Brighter Mood With Tiffany Style Table Lamps

You can actually fine-tune the atmosphere of your room, living room or any part of the house in various ways with table lamps. These table lamps provide you extra light while a bit of your personality is also added. However, making a decision as to the best table lamp can be more than just selecting a certain lamp and looking for its correct bulb voltage. It actually means taking into consideration its style, us, and its complementary factors towards the overall décor of your room or home. It actually means taking considerations on its style, use and its complementary factor towards the overall décor of your room or home. One of the reputable and most-purchased table lamps since the 1890s is the Tiffany Style Table Lamps, which now have modern touches aligning to the latest trend in the industry.

Tiffany lamp is the signature product introduced by Louis Tiffany in 1893 and commercially produced by skilled craftsmen in 1895. In fact, Tiffany style table lamps are now considered as highly-valued works of art. These lamps are manufactured and reproduced by different companies making them available in almost every part of the globe. These piece of history are designed today as antique replicas that evoke the spirit of the 1900s. Tiffany lamps style is designed to light homes from traditional to contemporary as its quality never goes out with the latest trend in the market. It sets the mood for your ideal living room for finishing touches. It is now associated with the distinct American tradition of value, beauty, and quality.

Tiffany table lamps are well known for their themes of stained glass table lamps. Their beautiful colors and warmth give vibrant illumination to your living space. They are now readily available in different styles as well including Gold Dragonfly, Lilac Wisteria , Domed Victoria, Traditional Victorian, Petaled Victorian, Desert Sunset, Ivory Double Lit Carousel, Velvety Iris Victorian, Blue Iris Victorian Double Lit, Kaleidoscope Victorian and a lot more. Among their themes and styles are categorized in floral and plant, period and ethnic, shapes and solids, seaside, animal and insect, western and recreation. Besides their categorization, these table lamps are prepared through the copper foil method allowing each piece to adhere together. They are constructed out of metal and glass materials with their base made from zinc alloy. They are generally 18 to 29 inches high and 12 to 19 inches wide. Their shades are shaped from Tiffany blown stained glass, while their fixture finish are made from bronze. They may require one or two bulbs at 60 watts each to feature its multidirectional light. You can turn them on through their line switch.

Take into account the proliferation of fraudsters today as they reproduce and distribute "so-called" Tiffany lamps as the authentic ones. These near-to-authentic Tiffany table lamps are sometimes difficult to detect over the antique Tiffany style lamps making careful examination a necessity. Make an initial assessment by finding their markings. To see to it that the lamp you have or you are about to purchase is a genuine Tiffany lamp, you must know the features of the original Tiffany lamps. Note that antique Tiffany style lamps are handcrafted and are made from glass. Look for the word "Favrile," "Louis C. Tiffany Favrile" or "Tiffany Studies N.Y." Or the initial L.C.T. However, Lillian Nassau Ltd.'s Tiffany expert Arlie Sulka recommends not to easily trust signatures or markings because they are easy to fake. Authentic Tiffany lamps have two primary designs: one design has a floral motif across the lamp shade's belt and the other incorporates a floral motif throughout the shade. Many of these lamps have dirt and dust in crevices or between their cracks. If you have difficulty in finding these substances as some fraudsters attempt to dust their fake lamps, you may consult an appraiser. Authentic lamp bases are made of bronze making them heavy, so if the lamp presented to you is light it definitely is non-authentic. The base has a stamp and unique model number. In searching for the original paper labels, which are found on the bottom of the base, caution is imperative because they are very delicate. Checkout the aged, darkened look or the patina between the glass pieces of the lamp.

If you are looking for the best way to add vitality and glamour to your home décor, Tiffany table lamps are the best solution. These lamps usually have an elegant color scheme of green, blue, red, and amber that provides a combination of functionality and style. Add a modern, classy look to your room and an elegant compliment to your small desk, bedroom dresser or side table with the handcrafted Tiffany Style Table Lamps.

Author Bio. : Julie Young works at a Furniture company in charge of its sales and promotion department. She is responsible in the marketing strategy of Tiffany Style Table Lamps.


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