Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Monaco Grand Prix Race

The Monaco Grand Prix race. There is absolutely nothing like it. It is the most prestigious automobile race in existence…and the most dangerous. With several elevation changes, tight corners, and an ominous tunnel, the Monaco GP is the event for heart pounding excitement and non-stop action. Every year, millions flock to the streets of Monaco to catch this amazing race…beautiful women, fast cars, celebrities from all over the world. The Monaco F1 is truly an experience. But we at Exclusive GP can make it better. We can make it the experience of a life time.

We are F1 hospitality experts and we can give you an experience you will never forget. Imagine being picked up from your home in a beautiful and luxurious limousine. You then arrive at the airport and board your private jet that will take you to beautiful Monaco. You arrive and are then escorted to your personal helicopter to take you to your Grand Prix destination. A super car then picks you up and takes you to your yacht where you will watch the Monaco Grand Prix.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. And best of all, it is only one of our many Monaco Grand Prix packages. Want the best view available for the Monaco Grand Prix race? Then book our Ermanno Penthouse Terrace package. This split level penthouse terrace suite sits within a 65 million euro Ermanno Place apartment and offers one of the biggest private spaces in Monaco. Comprising of a covered balcony and an alfresco top terrace, you will be able to see the start/finish line, the tunnel exit, the Chicane, Sainte Devot, Tabac and Piscine Corners, the Pits and Pit Exit, and the Main Straight. In other words, the best of the Monaco Formula One will be in plain sight.

Are you looking for the ultimate in Monaco F1 hospitality? Then look at our London-Super car tour. This five day SuperCar trip starts in London and takes you all the way to Europe where you will arrive at the Monaco Grand Prix for three days of action-packed fun. Travel in your choice of cars like the Ferrari 458 and the LamborginiAventador and enjoy the beauty of Nice or your Monaco hotel. Enjoy a cocktail party aboard a VIP Super Yacht and the best views of the Grand Prix from our exclusive penthouse terrace. Spend your last day surrounded by stars and celebrities at the Amber Lounge after which a helicopter will escort you back to Nice with a return flight to the UK.

Want to watch the race from the beautiful and pristine waters of the Mediterranean? Then look into our Monaco Yacht package where you can watch the race aboard a gleaming white Monaco Yacht docked in the Port HerculeHarbour. While sitting aboard a multi-million pound yacht, you will enjoy gourmet food, the finest champagnes, and super views of the circuit from the prestigious Berth A position.

The Monaco GP race is the event and you should be there. Better yet, you should be there and have the experience of a lifetime. Exclusive GP offers just that. Contact us today for more information on our amazing Monaco Grand Prix packages. You won’t be disappointed. We guarantee it.


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