Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Three Most Lucrative Delivery Work Services

Haulage companies in the UK that have only begun operating often start with the most basic type of delivery work: road haulage, or moving goods from one point to another. While your garden variety, vanilla-type haulage service is pretty straightforward, it is by no means the only way a hauler can earn. These three major types of haulage services represent the industry’s most in-demand money-earners.

Speedy Delivery of Palletised Loads

Thanks to the current consumer trends in which more and more people eagerly ‘consume’ small items—gadgets such as mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets and similar products—there is also a continuous increase in the demand for moving palletised goods. Pallet distribution, essentially, involves goods that are stored in small pallets—these are loads designed for easy and efficient handling by a forklift or pallet jack, to be loaded up on a delivery vehicle for the optimum utilisation of cargo space. Moreover, handling of palletised cargo can also be done through automated systems, further ensuring efficiency and increasing the speed of fulfilment. Needless to say, this type of delivery work is considered to be one of the best means of moving goods from point A to point B, and thereby one of the most profitable.

Transport of ‘Dangerous Goods’

The safe, efficient and fast transport of what are legally considered ‘hazardous goods’ is also a lucrative revenue stream for a haulage company. This type of delivery work involves moving materials or items identified in the government’s official list of ‘hazardous cargo’, which include most corrosive acids or fluids, poisons, radioactive chemicals, toxins, and any other materials that can pose a danger or health hazard to exposed humans or animals. Not surprisingly, not all haulage companies are willing or have the right resources to meet the stringent requirements in transporting such goods—special vehicles and highly-trained personnel are needed to ensure efficiency in this kind of job. However, because of the higher risk, service rates for moving these goods are higher, too—a steady load of such hazardous goods on a daily or weekly basis can form the bulk of a haulage company’s profits.

Regular Road Haulage

In the UK and elsewhere in Europe, road haulage is the most preferred means of transporting goods because of one simple thing: the existence of wide-spanning roads. It is no wonder then that straight road haulage is one of the major delivery work services offered by any haulage company, especially those that are just starting out. There is always someone out there who needs to move some form of load. What’s more, with the help of certain websites or organisations on the internet, such as the famous Haulage Exchange, haulage companies can easily connect with their potential clients and even negotiate for back loads for optimum profitability and operational efficiency.


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