Thursday, 24 April 2014

Effectiveness of Infrared Medical Lamps

Infrared lamps emit radiation of longer wavelengths than those of visible light. Infrared radiation is sometimes referred to as longwave radiation or heat waves. Most objects that lose energy emit radiation in the infrared frequency range. Infrared lamps are used extensively for both scientific and medical applications.
Infrared spectroscopy is a particularly useful application involving electromagnetic radiation. Molecules absorb or emit radiation in the infrared range whenever their rotational movements change. This allows scientists to carefully study the movement of molecules through the observation of the infrared light patterns.
Infrared lamps are commonly called heat lamps. Longwave radiation strikes objects more efficiently than shorter wavelengths. This means that infrared radiation will transfer energy to another object quite readily. Heat lamps are used to heat foods, assist in the drying of liquid coatings, and raise temperatures in confined areas such as a sauna or bathroom.
Medical lamps emitting infrared radiation are used to create a heat map that can be studied in detail. This is very similar to a heat map generated to show where energy loss occurs in a house or other structure. Specialized mineral lamps are often used by medical practitioners to aid in microcirculation. Skin therapy is the most common application of a medical heat lamp.

Infrared light therapy involves the use of a specialized heat lamp to target specific cells in the body, normally skin cells. This process is noninvasive and does not produce first-degree burns. Most cells, particularly skin cells, naturally react to sunlight. Sunlight contains all visible wavelengths as well as infrared light. Known as photostimulation, the process of exposing cells to infrared wavelengths aids in the release of nitric oxide, and this results in increased blood circulation in the small capillary vessels.
Medical lamps that emit infrared radiation are often used by those who practice acupuncture. Medical researchers have experimented with the use of heat lamps in the treatment of acne. Infrared radiation increases the amount of adenosine triphosphate, usually abbreviated as ATP, in the affected cells, and this helps to eliminate the buildup of bacteria in skin pores.

Medical lamps that emit infrared radiation are often constructed with a bank of tiny bulbs, usually a cluster of LEDs. For this reason, infrared light therapy is often referred to as LED therapy. The light beam is directed toward a heat pad that is wrapped around the affected area of the body.
Most infrared medical lamps are constructed as a rather tall apparatus consisting of a rolling base, vertical pole, light cluster, and timer unit. The specialized type known as a mineral lamp has an electrical heating plate and a mineral plate. The mineral plate is made up of more than 30 trace elements that are also found in the human body. The lamp emits infrared radiation that according to therapists, favorably stimulates the body cells.
The medical community is somewhat split concerning the effectiveness of infrared medical lamps in the healing of skin conditions. Although the process is considered a medical treatment when certain therapies are undertaken, other applications using medical lamps are still thought of as experimental. For this reason, some uses of medical lamps may not be recognized by health providers as actual medical practice.

Most insurance companies recognize medical lamp therapy as a necessary treatment for certain health conditions. For example, physical therapy often involves the use of a medical lamp that emits longwave radiation. However, as an actual treatment for musculoskeletal pain, diabetes, lymphodema, and other ailments, infrared light therapy is still considered highly experimental, meaning that medical costs will likely not be covered by the patient’s insurance. See this page as an example of the insurance industry’s clinical policies.


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