Friday, 25 April 2014

Three Crucial Bidding Factors for Owner Driver Jobs

It is not easy to bid for owner driver jobs, as the competition can be so fierce at times that you end up wondering if anyone actually ever wins in such bids. Make no mistake about it though, winning a job can be deeply rewarding if you have fully thought through every aspect of the job that must be addressed. To avoid committing a mistake in your bid, the following factors must be properly considered when bidding.

How Fast is the Package Required to be Delivered?

Couriers exist primarily because of the need for speedy deliveries, which is a need that the regular postal service seems unable to meet. Often there are clients who require even faster jobs, and if you are going to win these jobs you must include this factor when bidding for owner driver jobs. While regular speed for couriers is already fast enough for the usual delivery requirements (same day delivery is almost a universal standard), there are certain clients who constantly need a package delivered ‘within the hour’ or even those attached with a special request for pickup and delivery. In such cases, couriers should not hesitate to charge an additional fee that should range from 10% to 20%, and more if the client requests for the package to be picked up.

What’s the Contingency for Delays?

Couriers are not the only ones who get delayed, however, and sometimes it is the clients that can test one’s patience. Worse, a delay caused by a client can ‘cascade’ down the rest of a courier’s other deliveries, creating a sort of domino effect. That’s why when bidding for owner driver jobs, it’s important to be fairly clear about customer-caused delays, especially for so-called ‘stat’ jobs in which the courier is supposed to pick up a package. You must be clear about penalties in case you arrive at the pickup location and find that the package is not ready yet and you have to spend a few more minutes waiting for it. Fortunately, stating the penalties for customer-caused delays right at the get-go (when you’re still bidding) can encourage the client to make sure to avoid causing such a hassle.

Is the Requested Delivery within Regular Hours?

Certain couriers tend to over-focus on winning the bid for owner driver jobs, and thereby fail to notice small, yet crucial things, like the actual delivery schedule. The schedule is important and delivery within your normal or regular working hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. is fine, but if the client, for reasons not readily discussed, particularly requests that you do the delivery outside those hours, then you either withdraw from the bid or demand some compensation. An additional 15% or 20% should suffice for the purpose, although feel free to charge more if the scheduled delivery occurs very late in the night or early in the morning. The same is true with requested deliveries that happen to fall on a holiday or a weekend, and if you’re willing to abandon the bliss of an otherwise non-working holiday to answer the call of duty, it should be compensated.


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