Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Back Loads And The Ozone Layer

Most hauliers know about the immediate benefits of back loads to both their personal bank accounts and the company’s checks and balances. At a personal level, this type of cargo allows them to make extra money without having to put in additional working hours; at a professional level, they help the company, thereby ensuring its financial health and increasing job security for the driver.

However, return loadspossess a few extra benefits that drivers are often not aware of. With regards logistics, for instance, these loads can contribute to improving the statistics and figures by reducing the number of trips with empty cargo that each vehicle in a fleet undertakes. This, in turn, can also prove helpful towards the preservation of the environment, as it reduces the number of gaseous emissions compared to work carried out that each lorry emits into the atmosphere, thereby preserving the ozone layer.

How It Works

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of how motor engines operate will know that the fuel they burn in order to run is released into the atmosphere in the form of gas, namely carbon dioxide. Anyone with an awareness of environmental issues will also know that these emissions, almost synonymous with ‘civilised’ society, are among the main factors responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer, among other environmentally hazardous effects.

This is why back loadscan prove so important for drivers and companies wanting to work towards an environmentally friendly industry. A driver who picks up one of these loads on his or her return trip will only need to spend the equivalent of two trips’ worth of fuel, while a colleague who was not fortunate enough to acquire any return loads will spend twice as much, as they will be forced to take an additional return trip to deliver the second haul.

How Can Owner-Drivers Help?

Another advantage back loads offerinterms of preservation of the environment is that the way in which they help this cause is accessible to everyone. Unlike with other specific practices, which are restricted to larger companies, man-and-van owner-drivers or smaller businessmen within the field can contribute to make the industry greener just as much as larger outfits, albeit in a different way.

For these small and medium companies, the process of obtaining return loads usually entails a search on one of the many dedicated websites to have appeared in recent years with the aim of connecting hauliers and van drivers to individual, non-corporate clients with loads needing hauling. This can help owner-drivers get their own back loads, thereby doing their little bit to support this cause.


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