Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Lawyers with Google Glass

The Google glass is a new popular toy of the tech town and is finding creative applications in our day to day life. Google had channeled its resources for the development of this innovative glass to make the human life a step easier. Helping us in our life with our learning processes, managing our documentations and handling our professional life this device has found applications today that even the Google glass developer would have never imagined of.

One such fabulous use of Google glass these days is made by the lawyers like The lawyers are making use of this fantastic Google product in their personal injury and other lawsuits. Yes this gadget has been of great help to the lawyers with multiple usages.

Easy flow of information and documents
When we talk about lawyers using the Google glass, the very popular and most common trend is for connectivity. The personal injury lawyers are using this gadget to get connected with their clients. After accidents people are already facing mental and physical stresses and in those conditions regularly visiting them, disturbing them with testifying procedures and other legal formalities is not at all decent. This Google glass helps the lawyers to carry out the possible documentation and information transfer with their clients without asking them to move.

Better connectivity between lawyer and clients
The other major problem with the injury lawyers is that during the lawsuit they have a problem feeling the post-accident life of their clients as their movements are restricted. But with Google glass they could be having a peek into their client’s life whenever they wish to. This whole idea gives them more connectivity and idea about the life their clients are compelled to live because of somebody else’s mistake. They actually get help to convince the jury about their client’s losses and end the lawsuit with satisfactory settlements.

Keeping updated
The Google glass also helps the client to keep an eye on the case proceedings without causing any inconvenience to them. This is a win-win situation for both the clients and the lawyers. This is something which Google believed in delivering to mankind. The gadget could be seen well serving its purpose of making the human life a step easier.

Sooner we will be able to witness ample other creative and helpful uses of this smart device by Google. Science will keep on making contribution to our lives and we will keep finding ways to our every problem. 


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