Friday, 13 June 2014

Fake Empowr Earnings Myth Disproven

Have you checked out the Empowr social network? Or possibly have read blogs on the internet decrying Empowr earnings as a myth? If so, check out their webpage for just a bit longer, and read our article. 
In this article, we will talk about why Empowr has gotten a bad rap from some people online. We will also talk about what Empowr is all about. Lastly, we will give you helpful tips that will allow you to win with Empowr. And winning can mean big earnings.

Why Others Say Empowr Earnings are Fake
People are often misguided about what Empowr is, exactly. Many of the posts you have read online calling it these earnings from Empowr fake have only done a few minutes of research. A better understanding of Empowr entails spending some time on the site.
Understand that since its inception, Empowr has been seen as a social media underdog. Even in its earliest days, many said it would not work. But it has!
Empowr is now thriving thanks to users who generate fantastic content on a daily basis. Not only that, but they earn real rewards that can be used in the Marketplace to buy other goods, or withdrawn as cash after a maturation date.
What is Empowr All About?
Empowr brings social media and commerce together, and has created a social economy. All it takes is the ability to post valuable content in the forms of blogs, videos, and photos on a daily basis. Then, create ads for that content and the earnings will start to come in. It’s that simple! When readers choose to experience your content and/or click those ads, you win. Remember that the better the content, the more views. What you are aiming for, here, is not just a large fan base, but a lot of views, as well.
How to Win
How can you win on Empowr? Why not become a Power User?
Power users get the chance to access special information and features that other users cannot. These features can help you earn, big.
Or perhaps you may want to increase the reach of your posts and post daily. Since you are only paid for 24 hours for each post, this is very important. Power User get their posts dispersed to more people immediately once they are posted.
Lastly, when first joining the site, activate the feature called the New User Boost. This can give you the leg up on knowing what ads are most popular so that you can begin earning money from your very first day.


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