Monday, 16 June 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Case: Protecting Your Smart Phone Damages

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a new flagship smartphone from Samsung, which has come to stand against the Apple Iphone 5S. Many people have upgraded to this phone after Samsung announced it February 2014 and you may have just received your own Galaxy S5 brand new in-box in the mail too, with all its beauty and vigour. Now before you get too excited, there is one thing you need to consider about your phone.
Do you want to use a case with it or not? This is the first question you need to ask yourself. It may be obvious, but a lot of people get confused over whether to use a casing or not. In this article, you will discover why it is important to use a Samsung Galaxy S5 case, benefits of using the GS5 case, what options are available to you and where you can get one for your smartphone.

Why Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Case?
It is very important to consider why you want to use galaxy S5 cover. You cannot buy a case simply because it is recommended somewhere. You have to have a reason for buying it. It could that you want to protect your phone from damaging drops, spills and other damages. Some of these include:
Incessant Dropping: One of the reasons why you should consider a GS5 case is the problem of damaging drops. If you know you are very careful when handling full touch screen smartphones, such as this one, it will be wise to invest in a case, which is quite inexpensive. Getting a Samsung Galaxy S5 case will save you the headache associated spills and damaging drops which could dent your phone or render unstable. Once you get a Galaxy 5 case, you are less prone to these damages.
As a Gift to Your Love Ones: By wearing your new smartphone a cover, you can easily give it as a gift in the future. I have been fortunate to witness a few people presenting their phones as a gift to someone they love. The receiver, in many of these cases, receives the phone with joy-just because the phone is still in great cosmetics condition. In other words, the receiver appreciated the gift even though the phone has been used for some time. If your phone is full of dents, scratches here and there, you may not be able to present it as a gift. Covering your phone is a good way of achieving this.
Inexpensive: If I will leave you with an from this article, it will be this: buy a case because it is relatively inexpensive. This is a very important point. You can get Galaxy S5 cover for less than $30 from most stores, notably Amazon or eBay. However, if you want a stylish and customised GS5 case, you may need to spend more. Overall, these are affordable.
Protection from Wear and Tear: This is pretty obvious. You can't use a phone for a significant period of time and still expect it to maintain the elegance as at the time you bought. Not if you use a case. If you decide to operate your S5 without a cover, expect to some scratches and nicks here and there. If you value the condition of your smartphone, you should opt for a galaxy 5 case.

Benefits Of Using Galaxy S5 Case:
It is clear that there are benefits to using case with your phone. Some of the benefits you stand to gain includes:
Substantial Resale Value: If you are careful and you handle smartphone meticulously, you may be able to keep your phone in a good condition-without a case-but not for a long period of usage. However, if you consider yourself a little careless when it comes to handling your S5 and you hope to sell it in the future, it is advisable that you protect it with a Galaxy S5 cover.
Preserving Cosmetics Condition: What determines the resale value of a smartphone? There are a lot of factors that come into play here but one that is most visible is the cosmetics condition of your cell phone. If your S5 is crowded with scratches front and back, know that it lacks a good cosmetics condition. However, using a case with it can help you keep it in good shape.
Durability: Your S5 stays and last longer when you cover with a galaxy 5 case. Have you ever witness a person complain that his or her cell phone does not last as a result of using a case? I doubt you have. It is a fact that using a case will definitely prolong the lifespan of your smartphone.

Grab the Best Deals: Where To Get GS5 Case:
There are variety of places you can get a Samsung Galaxy S5 case from. This depend on the type, size, and colour that you want.
Types of S5 Smartphone Case: There are different types of case that you can buy. I do recommend that you buy one that suit your style and does not make you uncomfortable when you handle your Galaxy S5.
They are of different colours, sizes, and style, although what you buy is relative, you can benefit from a sound advice:
1. Steel/metal case: Almost indestructible, it has durability and strength. You can try this because of its strength and durability.
2. Leather phone case: Prone to wear and tear. I really would not advice you buy this.
3. Silicon case: It has tight fitting because of its flexibility, not heavy or rigid, heat and dust resistance, and durable. Affordable and perfect for your Samsung Galaxy S5.
4. plastic case: Not durable and does not last long like the others. I would advice you be wary of this.

Getting a case for your phone comes down to your own choice and the circumstance you find yourself. If you intend to sell off your phone in the future or upgrade to a new version or even present it as a gift, you may want to buy a case. Also, getting a case helps prolong you phone lifespan and prevents it from damages such as scratches, dents etc. However, if you know that you can handle it perfectly without getting the usual scratches and nicks, then use it without a case.


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