Thursday, 5 June 2014

The most recent and best cruises in Halong Bay Vietnam by Indochina Sails

Indochina Sails is pleased to announce the launch of the most recent additions to its fleet of luxury junks. The "Indochina Sails Premium" and also the "Valentine Premium" started cruising the emerald waters of Halong Bay in late 2010.
Pursuing within the custom of our whole navy, the Indo Rates supply magnificent accommodation, professional and friendly assistance, wonderful Vietnamese and Western cooking and an itinerary built to increase your vacation satisfaction.
Your junks are built for the best expectations, in an occasion-respected fashion, with first class modern facilities. We have mixed the greatest of West and East and the very best of Old World and Fresh to make a distinctive and memorable solution to explore one-of Mother Nature's most amazing creations.
As the Valentine Quality provides final exclusivity with just two spacious cabins, the Indo Premium consists 23 exceptionally appointed cabins and ultra ample public locations.
Both boats have windows that are very large, equally while in the dining locations and also the cabins, ensuring our guests will not miss a bit of the outstanding scenery Halong Bay provides.
Your fleet currently includes a total of 74 rooms on six ships.
Your aim is to give you a relaxing along with stimulating encounter that you will remember and enjoy. Your focused and skilled supervision enjoy providing you on spectacular Halong Bay and and staff wait you. What better approach to feel breathtaking seascape and the natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site than aboard an Indochina Sails Cruise trash!

For delivering highest quality cruise ships on Halong Bay and the most luxurious Indochina Sails established fact. Since the first agent to offer overnight cruises Indochina Sails has over a decade experience hosting international tourists, and it has constantly established the benchmark for luxurious.
Paloma Cruise has maintained the very best amount of protection requirements as well.
With the fresh addition of two new vessels our fleet today includes six ships containing a total of 74 rooms. Our boats with all safety continues to be and will remain an utmost goal.


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