Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Finance – Investing in binary options

In Finance binary options are recognized as all or nothing options where an investor can either make an amazing profit or lose his entire investment. Binaries have become a popular investment instrument in the past few year; the new trading system provides a whole new approach to the world of finance, the trading platform, its ease of use and functionality are only a few reasons why binaries have become a hit among financial investors world-wide.

Binary options arrived to the financial scene in 2008 which was a perfect timing in many aspects; the world’s 2008 financial crisis had just occurred leaving financial investors with less money and almost zero investment alternatives. Binary options offered an immediate trading alternative with ROI’s of 95% within minutes from initial trade.

As binaries were a complete new form of trading many were wondering whether they were built to trade these new options. Binary trading popularity increased and in 2013 many European authorities had decided to take control over the industry, completely legalize it and approve binary options as a regulated type of financial investment. Having been regulated binary options are now gaining even more exposure and popularity and are competing on the status of “the world’s largest financial industry”.

Binary options work on the principal of win or lose i.e. you either take a profit of as high as 95% or lose all of your initial investment. Trading can be made on almost any world-wide financial asset; Stocks, Commodities, Currency-Pairs and Indices can all be traded and the variety depends on the brokerage firm chosen. Trading is also easily executed on a fully web based trading platform which is easily accessed from any device which has an internet connection.

Binary options offer advantages in the way they are traded including the wide variety of trading expiry times, this means a trader can set his options expiry time to as little as 30 seconds and up to one year long. Traders can easily adjust trading to fit their financial state, exposure and risk.

The binary industry is blooming and is offered by many brokerage firms, most of which offer more or less the same service, however it is most important to check the brokerage firm prior to trading, not all brokers offer the same tradable assets and trading features. Reading a few reviews is essential for a binary options success, review are available at http://www.whatsbinaryoptions.com/binary-options-brokers/binary-options-brokers-reviews/, once you have read a review and feel the broker fits your financial trading type, open a free account and check the free features prior to sending any money and only when your satisfied should you deposit your funds and start your binary trading experience.


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